Saturday, June 20, 2009

Banana Day ?

Was back in Taiping last weekend, hubby wanted to change his car's tyres... was thinking hard what should I do when I am back there when he is busy with his car ....

Hmmm... decided to do some baking... it was long long time ago since I last baked, I think almost 10 yrs ago when I was still waiting for SPM result, doing nth but baking cakes and cookies everyday lol....

Called up my mum a few days before going back asking her to buy some banana cos I wanted to do Banana cake, a simple recipe I found in a Famous Cuisine magazine...

While for other ingredients, I got it when I went for lunch in Pavillion and it follows me travelling back to Taiping...

And... the outcome of Banana Sunflower Seed Cake....

Recipe for Banana Sunflower Seed Cake
250gm butter
250gm caster sugar
4 eggs
300g banana flesh (mashed)
370gm self raising flour
50gm sunflower seed
1/2 tsp banana essence
1) Pre heat oven to 175c, grease & line a 8" baking tray
2) Beat butter and sugar till light & fluffy
3) Add in eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition
4) Add in banana flesh and mix it till combined
5) Fold in sifted flour, sunflower seed and essence.
6) Bake in oven for 30-35 mins
7) Remove & leave to cool

Since there is still balance of bananas, I decided to use it for Kuih Bom Pisang.. I luv to eat this when I was in school.. always buy it during recess time.. and now, I can just do it by myself...

Bro loves it so much that he went out to Tesco to buy more bananas.. but later to find out that the bananas selling in Tesco is not ripe yet... so, he placed advanced order to mum to get it the following week.... :)

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  1. agree with u... every weekend go out also spend more money, i like to lock myself in the kitchen behind closed doors and bake and make away.... :)